Electricity & Electronics Sessions

Electricity and Electronics Sessions are offered in blocks of six weeks, one session a week on Wednesdays.  You can book individual sessions or block sessions – block bookings attract a discount.

This session consist of theory and practical:

Theory from 15H30 – 16H30

Practical from 17H00 – 18H00 (Facilitator demonstrations and simulations)


SESSION FEES : R 80 per INDIVIDUAL session OR R 400 per BLOCK.  (Some sessions will offer optional components for take home projects which will be charged separately).   Upon receiving your booking request we will email you an invoice.  Payment will secure your lab space.

Please note that all Club participants must complete indemnity forms.  If under the age of 18, parents must also complete the consent forms. This will be made available on booking.

​We look forward to welcoming you to the lab!

Robotics Sessions


Learn to code with Robots!
Learning computer programing is one of the most important skills a child growing up in today’s world can acquire. Sadly, many children see coding & programming as dull and theoretical when limited to computer-only exercises. Fortunately, by learning to code with robots, EDRO RoboCode Academy Classes make this experience fun, effective and hands on.

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